Sam's Intuitive Arts Online

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Hi, I am Samantha. I am an artist and I also work with energy to aid in healing individuals and the planet. We all are connected. As this truth is being realized more and more by many people throughout the world we are in need of more loving and nurturing energy. I hope to offer you this service as it is needed in your life and pray that we can all grow in love and kindness together as the world awakens into it's new and more loving energies.
I began working in the image of mandalas in 2000. I discovered the calming effect they had in my life and as I began to meditate and focus more of my own emotional energy others began to feel the effects of the images as well. The images now are created with that energetic healing intended.
Please, view the gallery to see images that have been created in the past. Some of the original images are still available and some are only available in print. The original images are priced differently than the print images. If you are interested in an original or interested in commissioning your own unique energy image please contact me.
I encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments as well as share this site with your friends and loved ones. Be sure to check back with me as there is always something changing. I will try to update the site monthly and keep you up to date on the new images and energy that Spirit offers through this vessel.
Like us on facebook and as always love one another and be kind and thoughtful.
With love and gratitude,