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Limitations: How and Why

Posted by Sam on July 9, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Limitations are something that we all seem to place upon ourselves. I find that I place limitations on not only my own performance but also what is coming to me or what I will allow to happen for me. I have come to a place in my life that I usually catch myself when I start using limiting language, but every once in a while it does get through my filters.

So, what is limiting language or limiting thought? Well, the simplest answer is that language creates a barrier or speed bump in your path to your hightes good.  Such as:

  • I can ___________, but I won't be able to charge for it...
  • I'm never going to get this concept! It's just too hard for me!
  • Why would anyone want to pay for me to do __________?
  • There are so many people interested in my work, but no one will pay for it!
  • I don’t' have the money for what I want. The only way to get it is if I win the lottery.

Some of the limitations are things that seem to make sense, like observing that many people admire what you are doing, but don't seem to want to buy it and stating that "no one will payfor it."

The observation itself is not limiting, but placing a judgment of how all people who admire your work will behave is limiting.

Getting frustrated because something is difficult to understand while you are learning a new skill is understandable,but using words like never or attaching your own performance to a finite outcome (it's just too hard for me. or I'm never going to get this) is limiting.

Similarly, look at the statement regarding the lottery...there is another example of a finite outcome that is placed upon the self. Remember to keep statements positive, helpful and encouraging. You are able to do all that you wish to do. The work is often hard and sacrifices are possible, but it doesn't have to be more difficult by your own thought processes.

Love yourself, love your talents,love your gifts and embrace who you are and who you wish to is all possible if you allow it to manifest!




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