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Intentions: ready, set, GO....

Posted by Sam on June 4, 2013 at 2:10 PM

Intentions are around us all the time. We create them hundreds of thousands times a day. We are not even aware of most of these intentions. This may seem to be unusual, but think for a moment about just this morning when you awoke.

Think, were you cheerful? happy? looking forward to or dreading your day? what did you say to yourself? Was the language encouraging? Or, was it of dread and wishing for more time to sleep rather than embracing the day?

All of these little thoughts are intentions that we unconsciously set for ourselves. These are thoughts that form the road map of our day...

When I think of intentions, I think of deliberate thoughts that are carefully created, but I am beginning to realize that intentions are simply formed thoughts. I believe that it is true that as I am more conscious of my thoughts, statements, my own words and actions I am creating the life that I want and the life that speaks to me.

As I continue on this purposful path of conscious decision, I find that life is good!

So, some statements to consider...

I don't have any money... vs. That is too expensive or I don't want to spend money on that now.

Ugh, I don't want to go to work!!! vs. I am thankful for my paycheck...

I am so tired! vs. I need more rest tonight.

Business is going to be good, it just isn't yet. vs. There are many exciting things coming for my business!

You see, in these  initial statements there is an undertone of negative and limitation. However, in the later statements there is a sense of gratitude, a plan of action, or a conscious choice made. You'll see that there is not a limitation made or a sense of control.

When I think of the statements that I make I try to consider the most positive way to state the same sentiment. I believe that this helps me stay focused on the path that I want to be on, rather than allowing outside influences (stress, emotion, circumstance) to dictate my path for me.

So, next time you say something to yourself, please, consider what you are saying and what you are telling yourself. Then, consider what you are listening to...are you supporting your dream or are you snuffing it out?

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