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Grandmother Mersa, a tribute

Posted by Sam on June 4, 2013 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Grandmother Mersa

(Amethyst Skull)

Contributed by Peggy Goreham.

Thank you for your support for the vision of this blog and website!

The hollow emptiness of your eyes send an old wise warmth that widens the knowing of the ancients.

A newness in ancient lavender light sings of the wisdom of the Earth and the energies that assemble around her.

A bridge to beginnings, and presents the love and the resonance of when the world was first our home.

Kindred to the Earth when it was called another name and carrying the infant beings to their greatness in the eyes of those that could see.

A humble entitlement that fosters the nurturing of all mothers and amplifying the loving mist surrounding their children.

Bedtime memories given to tales of grandeur and grace going down paths that have no beginning or ending, but a moment in lessons learned while love lingered in their hearts.

A friendly comfort that bolsters faith in what you know -- what you have always known and keeps record of those things given to you in the peacefulness of your being.

Stone blessings spoken in wise whisperings while she seeps into the minds of those that would hear and feel her words.

A grand old being with patience and peace, to heal those that come to know Grandmother Mersa and her loving countenance.