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Intentions: ready, set, GO....

Posted by Sam on June 4, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Intentions are around us all the time. We create them hundreds of thousands times a day. We are not even aware of most of these intentions. This may seem to be unusual, but think for a moment about just this morning when you awoke.

Think, were you cheerful? happy? looking forward to or dreading your day? what did you say to yourself? Was the language encouraging? Or, was it of dread and wishing for more time to sleep rather than embracing the day?

All of these little thoughts are intentions that we unconsciously set for ourselves. These are thoughts that form the road map of our day...

When I think of intentions, I think of deliberate thoughts that are carefully created, but I am beginning to realize that intentions are simply formed thoughts. I believe that it is true that as I am more conscious of my thoughts, statements, my own words and actions I am creating the life that I want and the life that speaks to me.

As I continue on this purposful path of conscious decision, I find that life is good!

So, some statements to consider...

I don't have any money... vs. That is too expensive or I don't want to spend money on that now.

Ugh, I don't want to go to work!!! vs. I am thankful for my paycheck...

I am so tired! vs. I need more rest tonight.

Business is going to be good, it just isn't yet. vs. There are many exciting things coming for my business!

You see, in these  initial statements there is an undertone of negative and limitation. However, in the later statements there is a sense of gratitude, a plan of action, or a conscious choice made. You'll see that there is not a limitation made or a sense of control.

When I think of the statements that I make I try to consider the most positive way to state the same sentiment. I believe that this helps me stay focused on the path that I want to be on, rather than allowing outside influences (stress, emotion, circumstance) to dictate my path for me.

So, next time you say something to yourself, please, consider what you are saying and what you are telling yourself. Then, consider what you are listening to...are you supporting your dream or are you snuffing it out?

Grandmother Mersa, a tribute

Posted by Sam on June 4, 2013 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Grandmother Mersa

(Amethyst Skull)

Contributed by Peggy Goreham.

Thank you for your support for the vision of this blog and website!

The hollow emptiness of your eyes send an old wise warmth that widens the knowing of the ancients.

A newness in ancient lavender light sings of the wisdom of the Earth and the energies that assemble around her.

A bridge to beginnings, and presents the love and the resonance of when the world was first our home.

Kindred to the Earth when it was called another name and carrying the infant beings to their greatness in the eyes of those that could see.

A humble entitlement that fosters the nurturing of all mothers and amplifying the loving mist surrounding their children.

Bedtime memories given to tales of grandeur and grace going down paths that have no beginning or ending, but a moment in lessons learned while love lingered in their hearts.

A friendly comfort that bolsters faith in what you know -- what you have always known and keeps record of those things given to you in the peacefulness of your being.

Stone blessings spoken in wise whisperings while she seeps into the minds of those that would hear and feel her words.

A grand old being with patience and peace, to heal those that come to know Grandmother Mersa and her loving countenance.

Meditation - 101

Posted by Sam on March 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Meditation is a means of relaxation, connecting, escaping and even healing for me. I have come to realize that not everyone can just sit and find themselves in a meditative state. I decided to ask a few friends, "What does meditation mean to you?" 

The responses I received were not surprising:


"Unattainable expectation of calm"

"Getting swept away in music and forgetting that I am me for a while"

So, I look at this and I ask myself, "Why do we all have such a different definition of meditation ?"

This leads me to an idea...Share and explain how I acheive my goals of meditation.

So, as many of you know, I am a visual person...I know, you never would have guessed! I set the scene by creating a space in which to meditate. I place a mandala infront of me, I hold a stone of my choosing (or the stones choosing if you are attuned to the vibration of stones), I put on quiet, and calming music and I assume a comfortable position in my favorite chair or laying on the floor. Sitting in a Lotus Pose is not comfortable for me at all!

I begin a meditation with  "Prana-ic breathing" (this is my own word...I made it up. It is based on the Sanskrit word Prana.) Which consists of breathing in for a count of 3, holding the breath for a count of 3 then exhaling for a count of 6. Then repeating for a count of 4, 4 and 8. Then a count of 5, 5 and 10. I also close off one nostril for a while then switch until I feel a true sense of calm wash over my body.

Once I have quieted my mind, I open my eyes, focus on the image infront of me and I just gaze upon it. If I have a particular intention, I bring that into the forefront of my mind for a moment and then let it go with the belief that I will find the answers or the peace in the meditation to serve that intention. I stay in this meditative state for anywhere between 10 and 90 minutes depending on what my schedule will allow.

Each meditation is different. Like each day is different for me, my emotions, thoughts, challenges and joys are ever changing; so are my experiences in meditation. Either way, even if I don't have an epiphany during a meditation there is great value for my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health.

I encourage you to take these simple steps, try it out for a week then let me know if you feel differently. I know some people who have experienced an entire life change just by a single meditation. More articles to come, perhaps with more specific practices. Let me know what you would like to learn and visit me often.

Thank you for your time and support!

With Love and Gratitude...